My home is in sunny Baden, about twenty kilometers (12,50 miles) away from Straßburg, a village called Renchen, which is renown for its mayor Johann Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen, who was a famous prose-poet after the Thrirty Year's War.

At the end of 2002, i became aware of historical miniatures again, after a ten years break, when working on an assignment for illustrations of the ‘Landsknechts’ era.

But for the varied Late Middle Ages or the gorgeous Renaissance periods, in my opinion there weren't enough models available.

That's why i decided to initially produce presentation models of personalities from the 15th Century and the first half of the 16th century in 90mm, but there i'll not be too restrictive to this era.

For special details like personal clothing, equipment and anatomy in 90mm figures i plan to ensure accuracy down to the smallest details.

The main focus of my interests is the second half of the 15th Century and there are few models of this period with which to create small or big Dioramas, i plan to work on addressing this issue. Therefore i think 54mm models will be ideal, i hope you'll agree . Several models will be multi-pose, whether mounted or foot soldiers and this will allow for a wide range of combinations with the simple interchange of parts.

My ideas and concepts could not have been realized, without the help of master modeller Alan Ball, whom i prefer to call a sculptor because of his skills and approach. Plus the support and encouragement of his equally talented wife Marion Ebensperger, the well known figure painter, especially for all the tips and suggestions she gave me upon my return to the hobby.

I am extremely grateful to both of them.

Historical accuracy is of particular concern for me and this is what i strive for. In order to achieve this i get help from my friends who are historians, conservators, reenacters and recently collectors. All have been very helpful, adding to my own knowledge which has grown during the assembling of a large collection of pictures and written articles. In addition, good preparation and a precise image of what the end product should look like, makes the work of the sculptor easy.

On my homepage i also present drafts and upcoming releases based on concept drawings. You can pre-order items to avoid disappointment.

Single models will be offered as construction kit or you can request them painted to the highest standard.

Please feel free to contact me with your feedback and questions.



Assignments for paintings from other producers will of course also be accepted. For details simply ask via e-mail.


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