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There exist still an impressive collection in Churburg/Southern Tirol of medieval armour and arms of the von Matsch/Trapp family. One famous example of nearly complete armour set is today in the Glasgow Museums, the ‘Avant Harness’ manufactured about 1440 in Milano, Italy.
Here more infos about the development.
In Coopertaion with Dr. Tobias Capwell and Glasgow Museums the ‘Ritter von Matsch’ is now presentable, sculptured by Alan Ball. Three different heads in the kit, a demand of Tobias Capwell was to present the figure with the correct helmet, an armet, the original fitting to the Avant Harness today in Leeds. The barbute in the museum only for better imagination.
Our knight von Match is equipped as von Matsch in italian fashion, with the small Giornea/cape. The model is also presentable without the cape, par example for a knight equipped in an ‘export harness’. Another option are the two different pairs of tassets. the smaller are earlier, for ‘1440’, the huger after 1450.
We decided to title the figure ‘Ritter (Knight) von Matsch’ because its not exactly clear whom of the von Matsch family the armour belonged, but it was like all armours of the Matsch family for real using.
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